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local bank, community bank, local banks, community banksAmerican Pride Bank opened for business on December 12, 2007.  The organizing group was made up of twenty- two individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit. Their goal was to open a community based financial institution.  One that provided the opportunity for the business community to bank with an institution that understood the challenges and opportunities that they face every day.  The organizers wanted to make sure the financial needs of the consumer was respected as well. Our group consisted of physicians, hoteliers, real estate investors, small business owners, retired bankers, and government officials. The broad base of support in the community enabled us to raise a very significant amount of capital for a bank based in a community of our size. The amount of capital we have achieved has allowed us to become a very strong bank and that allows us to undertake opportunities for loans and other banking products and services that less capitalized banks may not be able to undertake.

We have made a commitment to serve the communities where we are located presently and in the future. It is our pleasure to serve you and we are appreciative of the opportunity to serve you.